Sets are all the soft parts needed to complete a costume.

Save time, stress and money buy guying from one trusted source. We have put together some amazing offers already with the Tanker and Shore sets... This August we introduce the Guardian Set: Robes (inner/outer)+belt + boots+gloves+neckseal+balaclava.

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Sets are all the soft parts needed to complete a costume.

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Limited Edition : Imperial Ground Crew Jumpsuit
0 Comments28,Sep,2017

The Imperial Ground Crew is a character that deserves recognition not because Jyn Erso impersonated one but because it looks damn good. There are few places where you can get your hands on the armor and helmet but the key component is the jumpsuit an...

Order 66 give away
0 Comments01,Sep,2017

You know we like to give things away, that is always been part of our DNA, true to the core of "troopers helping troopers". So we decided that each order that has a "66" will be part of our now ongoing "Order 66" giveaway: lots of free goodies alongs...

Measuring is Important!
0 Comments01,Sep,2017

With the new site design we added more information about measures for clothing. Prior to the revamp some charts were provided alongside pictures, now we have a dedicated tab. The sad truth is that "L" nowadays really does not mean anything anymore...

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