With the upcoming release of both BF2 and TLJ we are seeing an unprecedented amount of new key characters joining the 501st family. It is exciting for everyone and some troopers enthusiasm lead them to be early adopters, finishing builds before the official CRL is published. Some see it as a dynamic push to add diversity of characters, other as a risk for being non-compliant.

There is an expectation that we’d release new gears “promptly” after the release of a CRL and for us to do that with the limited time we have means starting very early. While CRLs are drafted, we start our own visual research and discussions. Some groups are more sharing than others, sometimes we are lucky to have incredible troopers sharing equally incredible information allowing us to feel strongly about the accuracy of what we do. Sometimes we must rely on the few official pictures available and use or experience making props to estimate what the design may be. As more details are made available and the CRL is getting adjusted, we also make our gears evolve to reflect a greater level of accuracy.

Obviously when a product reaches troopers before the official CRL is released there is a risk that a detail might be missing and consequently troopers could be denied approval. We can only guarantee product clearance after the official CRL is published. Even when we have a pre-release, we strongly encourage you to consider twice your purchase as we feel strongly about people spending money and not being able to get clearance (possibly because this has happened and probably will happen again to us with some armors).

The Imperial Ground Crew is a character that deserves recognition not because Jyn Erso impersonated one but because it looks damn good. There are few places where you can get your hands on the armor and helmet but the key component is the jumpsuit and this is a complex one to make…

We are launching the first of our Limited Edition product. Unlike the ones that are on our catalogue, Limited Edition will not be available every waves. They will be organized as a more traditional run in that we will need to fill in a minimum amount of orders and there will be a maximum amount of unit per production period.Â

The jumpsuit will be available in size S/M/L/XL. This time around we will have a production list between 15 to max. 20 people with a production time of 8 weeks. we will indicate size choices and payment term via email.Register to be on the list here:

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You know we like to give things away, that is always been part of our DNA, true to the core of “troopers helping troopers”. So we decided that each order that has a “66” will be part of our now ongoing “Order 66” giveaway: lots of free goodies alongside your order.

Congrats Jason L. order IB6066  Jason is the first to get a full goody bag shipped with his order !

With the new site design we added more information about measures for clothing. Prior to the revamp some charts were provided alongside pictures, now we have a dedicated tab.

The sad truth is that “L” nowadays really does not mean anything anymore; from country to country and brand to brand the “L” can be vastly different. L in the US is considered XL in Europe. While XL in Spain is often smaller than XL in Germany. Then of course you do have the “FIT” bing regular or slim or skinny…Even Jeans sizes greatly vary from brand to brands, a Levi’s 36 fit tighter than an old navy 36 in the same fit.

Costume clothing are a beast on their own and we greatly encourage anyone buying to first take measurements against the skin and not based choices on street brand sizes. The Size Tab outlines references measurements used in making the clothes; it helps finding out what to buy; that being said there could be a variation +/- 1 cm in the final product.

If you are unsure or between sizes, just use the seasoned trooper old trick “1 size up” because it is always possible to size down but hardly add material to fit you.

Final word, unfortunately we are not able to make custom sizes for two reasons:
1. it takes more time to do which we currently do not have
2. measurements needs to be taken “professionally” or the clothes/shoes may not fit properly. It happened in the passed and despite our best efforts to correct it did not work out leading to a very dissatisfied client…this is the last thing we want.

Thanks for reading and Happy Trooping – The Team @ IB

We are excited to announce that IB (imperialBoots) will collaborate very closely with RS Prop Master on a range of projects. As of August, UK troopers will already be able to purchase the “classic 421 RS Edition”  directly from RS Prop Master thus preventing any imperial customs entanglements. We are also delighted to announce that RS Prop Master will ship their commissioned TK Armor with the “classic 421 RS Edition”. We’d like to think that the best armor around just found their shoe match !

We contacted RS prop Master for our 40th anniversary giveaway and we met at Celebration to get to know one another better just to find that both IB and RS had a lot in common. We are fans before anything else. We believe in providing the best quality props possible and care a lot about the details that make them deeply accurate. We know the community because we are active members; we are, at our core, troopers supporting troopers. We decided we could support each others to provide the community with truly awesome gears and the first collaboration is now a reality.

We know how time consuming, frustrating, nerve racking and cost guzzling it can be to source all parts of a costume at the four corners of the world. We still do it ourselves and that’s why we decided to introduce Sets. These are all the soft parts you need to complete a costume from one source you can trust. It will help you save time, stress and money. We already introduced the Shore and Tanker sets.

This August we introduce the ROTJ Guardian Set; all you have to add to it to complete the costume is a helmet and a force pike. The set includes: Outer Robe + Inner Robe + Sash (belt) + Glove + Boots + Red Neckseal + Red Balaclava all of which strictly follow the 501st CRL.

The price of this set will be 499.90US$ but this wave the launch offer is set at 469.90 US$ + shipping

This September we will launch the Classic Set; a versatile set that will allow you to become a crewman, reserve pilot, pilot or gunner. The set will include the Boots ( JackDLX), the glove, the jumpsuit, the imperial belt with metallic belt buckle, the imperial hat and a black balaclava for a public price of 399.90 US$ +shipping.