The story goes

ImperialBoots is the collaboration of a French and Taiwanese Star Wars passionates who met in the middle kingdom. Both work in China for over 10 years and engaged in developing the Star Wars phenomenon through various production projects. After sourcing and producing several items for themselves, they set their eyes and helping fellow 501st members in finding great footwear to complete their costume starting with the iconic stormtrooper (tk) boots.

The highly positive feedback ImperialBoots received from buyers encouraged them to start looking into the production of diverse model for more characters, eventually becoming the only provider of such a wide diverse range of imperial shoes. Along the way  they also got an excellent partner in the making of high quality leather gloves which they decided to offer them to their fellow troopers in needs.

In 2015 they were joined by a fellow garrison member to support their effort to make some of the process more efficients to get the goods faster to more troopers. With over 1000 pair of stormtrooper tk boots sold worldwide, ImperialBoots has been critically acclaimed by fellow 501st troopers and the costuming community in general.

ImperialBoots stormtrooper 421 the classic stormtrooper tk boots by ImperialBoots
421 the classic stormtrooper tk boots by ImperialBoots, the start of a story !

“We are the only shoe maker providing such a wide range of Imperial footwear”

As professionals we know what a shoe should be like. As 501st members ourselves, we know how important visual details are, as stormtrooper we understand first hand how critical a comfortable shoe is. When you buy from ImperialBoots you will get high quality, comfortable, tailored, fitted and screen accurate replicas that not only looks good but also feels right. Using a semi-industrial process, ImperialBoots ensures the quality of the production in terms of size, shapes, colors and materials. Ultimately, we are dedicated in providing quality, excellent comfort, durable footwear for the friends of the Empire.