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Our set combine the appropriate jumpsuit, boots and glove and accessories providing saving on both the products and the shipping. The products used in the combos are the exact same as the one sell independently so you are guaranteed the same quality and craftsmanship.
Please be advised that due to their nature, sets usually ship towards the end of the period between waves.
To guarantee that they will be landing safely, the packages are shipped via courier (DHL/FEDEX/UPS);
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In a sea of orange, a little blue is a nice change! Following the guidelines of the RL we developed this set to be the most inclusive available yet.
We reworked the belt to be an exact replica of the one used in the movie while having it made specifically for us with grey webbing instead of painted one.
The harness uses a two part construction with back webbing and front grey patterned weave. The gloves are made of heavy duty fabric and come ready with a window to slot on your communicator. The flare are machined aluminum hollowed parts to regulate weight and are fixed with a screw in the holder. The flak vest is off-white ballistic nylon with the correct shape for a XW pilot  and the boots are our leather classic jack.
Add your own hardware and your own weathering…

Included: Jumpsuit+ Flakvest + Classic Jack + Glove + Belt+ Harness + Leg Strap+ aluminum leg flares and belt tools + Shoe Bag


NOTE: the picture does not show the latest design with the reworked and accurate cargo pocket. The set will ship with bot a grey and an olive leg strap as the CRL requires green colour however we strongly believe that grey is more visually accurate.

We do not make special sizes at this time. 
Buyer assumes full responsibility for sizes submitted for order.

made 100% cotton. As with all hand made products there may be slight variations in production sizes within a reasonable margin.

This boot is true-to-fit which means your regular size shoe should be appropriate to order these shoes.
Please remember these are not sport shoes nor work boots, dress shoe sizes are better references. Please check the chart to view the details of the boots size. We are only producing standard sizes, heights and widths of shoes.

comes in 3 sizes M/L/XL
We make gloves that might feel tight for some but doing so increase visual accuracy, leather will slightly loosen up overtime. In order to get the closer size possible, with a tape measurer, get the size in CM around the hand at the base of fingers and knuckles (the widest part of the hand). If you are between sizes we would recommend a size up.
M:   21 cm
L:    22 cm
XL:  23 cm























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  • The flight suit is a petroleum blue, one-piece flight suit/coveralls in a material consistent with screen references. The fabric should have a slight sheen (such as acetate or bomber silk) and be of sufficient weight to create a somewhat puffy look (which may require the suit to be lined).
  • The front zipper is hidden by a strip of material of the same color and material as the suit.
  • The sleeves have knife pleats from the bottom of the collar to the wrist, with each pleat approximately 1/2″ (inch)/1.3 cm (centimeter) wide, made of an off-white fabric of a similar material to that of the suit, and a shade or two darker than the color of the flak vest. The pleating is inset with piping along the edges. The strip of pleats is 3″ (inches)/7.6 cm wide.
  • The flight suit features contrasting top stitching in a beige-colored thread.
  • The collar closes at the front with two snaps. The collar is also padded and features a horizontal gray or silver zipper along the sides and back to create the appearance of a hidden hood.
  • A commpad pocket on the left sleeve with an open “window” that sits above the wrist and is made of the same blue fabric as the suit.
  • There are two chest pockets with curved openings that wrap around the sides of the torso and the ends are stitched into the side seams of the suit, like Nomex flight suit chest pockets.
  • There are two upper thigh pockets with curved openings.
  • The right front thigh has a cargo-style kneepad pocket with a rectangular frame at the top, and has a blue webbing pull tab on the bottom flap and a side pen pocket.
  • There is a rectangular pocket on the left front thigh with a vertical gray or silver zipper.
  • Another pocket on the lower portion of the left leg, which is rectangular in shape and has a horizontal gray or silver zipper at the top.
  • The right lower leg has a rectangular pocket with a horizontal gray or silver zipper at the top, off to the outside of the leg.
  • A vertical gray or silver zipper at the center of each leg that reaches down to the bottom of the pant leg.
  • Optionally, there are two grommets on the front of the suit with pull strings through them at the waist, which are covered by the belt.


  • Mid-calf black boots (Jack boots or engineer boots are acceptable).
  • Boots should be largely unadorned. No laces or ankle buckles (small buckle at top edge of boot allowable if covered by blousing).
  • No non-black zippers. Any zipper closure must either be hidden or on the inside of the boot (that is, front and outside zippers are not permitted).
  • High-Calf boots are acceptable with sufficient blousing of the flighsuit legs.


  • Grey or beige gauntlet gloves in a heavy fabric, suede, or suede-like material, accurately styled and heavily weathered.
  • Left gauntlet has a commpad below the wrist.


  • Flak Vest, consists of an off-white or beige front and back cloth (ballistic nylon or similar fabric) panels, contoured to fit over the chest and back where the two panels are of a similar shape/size. The two panels are connected together by straps over the shoulder and under the arms.
    The Rogue One vest sits higher than the OT vest (almost to the collar) and is shorter than the OT version (ending an inch or two below the armpit). The under arm straps of the vest attach together with a “strap adjuster” rather than a “press-release” style buckle. 

Strap & Belt

  • The belt is medium/dark grey in color with ribs, has a border at the top and bottom edges, and a roll-pin buckle in the front. Belt has silver-grey 1” webbing loops sewn on left and right sides holding the mini flares.
  • The flares should be air line hose connector fittings (or replicas with screen accurate shape). Belt is weathered along the edges. 
  • Harness is made of grey pleated elastic strapping that is 2” (inches) wide. Front and back straps extend up the torso under the flak vest and are secured to either the flight suit or to the inside the flak vest panels. Attachment must be hidden by the flak vest. The lower part of the harness should fall (or loop) just below the inseam (or crotch area). Two loops of strapping are connected to the front-back strapping (at the lowest part of the front-back loop) and loop around each leg.

Leg Flare

  • 10 movie accurate silver/light grey leg flares attached with loops to an olive drab leg-band holder.
  • Flares are equally spaced and have more detail than the OT version. Sits above the lower left leg pockets. 

Mini-flares on belt.

  • A mix of filled and empty slots are okay.
  • Metal or other materials that, when finished, have a metallic silver appearance.

Code Cylinders (Arm Tools) in left shoulder pocket.

  • Two minimum, four maximum. Metal or other materials that when finished have a metallic silver appearance.
  • Cylinder heads showing should resemble screen accurate representations.


As we do this after-hours; we’ll get your order sorted as fast as we can; we appreciate your patience. We ship on a First-Order-First-Shipped basis; this not only applies to the general order list but also through the different sizes. 

We are shipping through air registered with a 98% delivery rate but the actual period to get the goods can go beyond 30 working days once our transporter issues the tracking code.

As soon as we have it, your order will be updated with a tracking number and you will get an email. You can then login your account and view your order history to locate your tracking number and/or use the tracking button.

Due to their “made-to-order” nature, the products we sell We do not provide refunds or exchange per se. when you purchase with us you agree that once shipped (that is your package has been handed over to our transporter) the sale is final providing that:
* the product is the one you ordered,
* the size is the one you ordered,
* the color is the one you ordered,
* there are no major defects.

If this is not the case we will work with you to find the most suitable solution.

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your boots are the best around !!

i bought my 421 boots from you and love them ! very comfortable to wear for long periods of time


Thank you so much for your perfect service!

Thank you for the free upgrade to DHL Express!! That was really super fast! The boots fit perfect and look absolutely great. I will highly recommend your boots to the troopers of my squad!  Thank you so much for your perfect service! My next pair of boots will be definitely one of yours!


Love the boots

Hi, I just got the PayPal notice that I won 10% off my recent TK boot order. Thank you! Love the boots – they look great and fit perfectly.

Beth Dolgner


I got my boots yesterday!  Amazing speed and the boots look fantastic!  Paid the extra $20 for expedited shipping, but well  worth it given the speed of delivery. Terrific customer service by  Vincent @ Imperial Boots! Went 1 size larger, and the fit is great!

- Victor Lagos

The gloves look perfect

My ResGloves arrived today, just one day after getting the shipping notification! Thanks for the free upgrade to express shipping, this was the fastest international shipment I ever got! The gloves look perfect, fit well and feel quite comfortable. This is the third time ordering from you. I’ll definitly return if I need something else from you shop and keep spreading the word about these great quality products.


David Korzeniewski

One word … awesome

I got my boots and gloves today. OMG! One word … awesome, Many thanks



Twin clone trooper boots by imperialboots

got my boots yesterday and they are awesome, thank you very much

James Cratty

fantastic products

I received my order today. These are some fantastic products. Thank you so much.

Shaun B.

They are awesome

Hi, Just letting you know my T7 Boots and G7 Gloves arrived today. They are awesome! Look forward to ordering from you again sometime.  


better than any other Kylo boots I’ve seen

Kylo K boots and gloves by imperialboots

I got my boots today! They are so awesome. I’d have to say they are better than any other Kylo boots I’ve seen. You have a fan and a customer for as long as I am trooping! Thanks again!




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Perfect Fit

Kylo K boots and gloves by imperialboots

Today my k boots arrived – and they fit Perfect! 100% accurate; 110% happy

Peter G.


Oh, I got my Special Ops boots and they are awesome. Great quality!!!!!!!

Mickey D.

Amazing quality!!!!!

Twin clone trooper boots by imperialboots

Shoes arrived. Amazing quality!!!!! Thank you so much


Some truly amazing work my friend

Kylo K boots and gloves by imperialboots

I received the boots and gloves last week!  I have not had a chance to try them on yet but I must say….  AMAZING!  The leather smells so nice and fresh and I absolutely love your packaging!  Some truly amazing work my friend!  Thanks again.


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The guard gloves fit perfectly and look great!

stephan E.

they are INCREDIBLE!

Hello received my block ops boots,  they are INCREDIBLE!
Thanks again, your guys work is THE BEST

Justin Marshall

Absolutely wonderful!

I received the boots over the weekend. They are absolutely wonderful! Thank you for doing such a magnificent job in making them!

Greg B