Killer Suit


Variant: R1
Anthologic (c) Cotton/Elastane Fabric, Padded slight stretch Gasket
Fit: standard based on chart
Color: Black Fabric + Black gasket
These are artisan hand made products, DO check the sizing chart before ordering.
Picture for reference only

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The Killer suit is made to be as comfortable as possible, fitted to work well under the armor, and easy to wear. We are using our own Anthologic (c) blend of cotton with a bit of elastane fabric. It allows to fit tight on the skin but gives that extra stretch feeling.  The top comes with our proprietary troop-In (c) gasket fabric (offers a slight stretch for comfort) integrated in the elbow, neck seal and poncho which is attached.  It opens in the back and closes with an extra long velcro. The abdominal belt is also made out of our troop-In (c) gasket fabric and closes in the back with velcro in. The shorts are made in part with the troop-In (c) gasket fabric and lycra which walking comfort.  When buying this set you will be receiving and extra two sheets of troop-In (c) gasket fabric in order for you to make the knee gaskets thus completing the necessary soft parts.

While the standard terms and condition of sales generally apply, ImperialBoots reserves the right for any exchanges or returns at its complete discretion.

As artisan prop makers all our products are made by hand. Because of the making process you should expect within 3% tolerance in the size charts provided. We do not make special sizes at this time. Buyer assumes full responsibility for sizes submitted for order

The items are purposefully aimed at having a snug fit to allow a proper fitting with the armor. We suggest that you double check your size by taking the measurement against your body. The measurements shown on the charts are indicative only, due to the specifics of the making , their maybe up to 1.5 cm variation in the final product.







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  • Black with horizontal sewn ribs approximately 8mm wide
  • Smooth gloss or semi-gloss rubber like finish
  • Extends from the base of the neck to conceal the entire neck. No hair or skin should be visible around the neck area.
  • It has a concealed overlap join at the back of the neck
  • The neck seal is attached to a black vertical sewn ribbed apron which is made of the same material as the neckseal.
  • The ribs on the apron are approximately 6mm wide
  • The apron extends across the front of the chest under the chest armour plate.
  • Poncho shall be rubber or a smooth semi-gloss black material with approximately 5 to 6mm wide sewn ribs
  • May include the neckseal and apron as part of its construction or could be a separate garment
  • Where made as a separate garment it may not visible in the neck opening of the chest armor
  • Gaskets shall be rubber or a smooth semi-gloss black material with approximately 5 to 6mm wide sewn ribs.
  • The elbow gaskets must extend from midway up the bicep armor to under the forearm armor covering all exposed areas of the elbow.
  • Gasket shall be rubber or a smooth semi-gloss black material with approximately 5 to 6mm wide sewn ribs running diagonally front to back.
  • Wraps around the wearer’s torso


  • The shorts shall be made from the same material as the gaskets and must cover all exposed areas.
  • It shall be rubber or a smooth semi-gloss black material with ribs sewn into it.
  • The ribs shall be horizontal.
  • The shorts extend up under the torso armor and belt. They shall extend down under the thigh armor.
  • Gaskets shall be rubber or a smooth semi-gloss black material with approximately 5 to 6mm wide sewn ribs.
  • The gasket shall cover all exposed areas of the knee.
  • An undergarment must be worn such that the space between the thighs and the belt shows a black material. The black material may be shiny or matte with a horizontal sewn ribbed detailing.

As we do this after-hours; we’ll get your order sorted as fast as we can; we appreciate your patience. We ship on a First-Order-First-Shipped basis; this not only applies to the general order list but also through the different sizes. 

We are shipping through air registered with a 98% delivery rate but the actual period to get the goods can go beyond 30 working days once our transporter issues the tracking code.

As soon as we have it, your order will be updated with a tracking number and you will get an email. You can then login your account and view your order history to locate your tracking number and/or use the tracking button.

Due to their “made-to-order” nature, the products we sell We do not provide refunds or exchange per se. when you purchase with us you agree that once shipped (that is your package has been handed over to our transporter) the sale is final providing that:
* the product is the one you ordered,
* the size is the one you ordered,
* the color is the one you ordered,
* there are no major defects.

If this is not the case we will work with you to find the most suitable solution.


your boots are the best around !!

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Beth Dolgner


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Twin clone trooper boots by imperialboots

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Twin clone trooper boots by imperialboots

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