“Order Waves”

This year we will organise sales in “waves”. Each month the web store will open for 10 days during which we will take all orders. Each wave will have two week-end included in their period to give you the time to think and order without stress.  Afterwards our time will be spent preparing and shipping all orders until the following monthly wave.  We will post the dates of the upcoming wave on the main page of our website at the end of current wave. Register on our website and you will be added to the mailing list giving the dates of waves and special offers.

“Why Waves”

As we often stated in the past, we have day jobs, in order to balance the workload and to provide a proper level of service to the community we found this system more suitable. In the same time it also allows us to organise better with the transporter and get your goods faster to you.

Can I buy outside the Wave?

We are asking that you’d plan your purchase and buy directly from the website. It helps us tremendously to organise the shipping and keeping track. All the products being sold are listed during each waves to make it s simple as possible for you. Of course we are happy to answer your questions between waves, but purchases need to take place via the website.


shipping on boots in stock (421 & trooper7) is quite fast. Boots with special requirements like the Kboots will require more production time hence will take longer to ship. We are trying the keep shipping cost down by providing basic air registered shipping. That solution has shown 99% delivery rate but the actual period to get the goods can varies between 10 to 30 working days once our transporter issues the tracking code. We will now also offer a speedier solution, with higher cost, and you should get you the goods within 7 days of issuing the tracking number.

… please remember

We are dedicated to provide high quality gears however we do this on top of our day jobs. We work as fast as time permits. We know you are in need of your purchase “promptly” and we do what our best to get them out as quickly as possible. Some models we stock, some other we make on demand. At times stock flies off the shelf and we may need  some extra days to restock and get your order in the mail. We provide basic air registered shipping.