Terms of Sales

Terms and conditions


  1. The sale of boots is final and we do not accept returns. Please see exchange policy below
  2. We are not responsible for customs and duty fees and/or delays.
  3. We ship on First-Order-First-Out per sizes. We cannot guarantee shipping dates.
  4. Standard shipping through air registered with a 98% delivery rate but the actual period to get the goods can occasionally go beyond 30 working days once our transporter issues the tracking code. As long as the tracker shows “In Transit” the order is assumed being on its way to be delivered.
  5. We only ship to address you entered as billing address.
  6. You will be issued an email informing you that your tracking number is available online ( attached to your order). Once this email is sent your order will be marked as “completed”


When you buy with us you agree that once shipped (that is your tracking number has been issued) the sale is final providing that:

* the product is the one you ordered,
* the size is the one you ordered,
* the colour is the one you ordered,
* there are no major defects.

We do not provide refunds or exchange per se. However, should there be an issue with your order, we will do our best to find someone else in your country who is willing to purchase the product. We cannot however guarantee a transaction timeframe nor the fact that we will succeed in this matter. This can of course only happen providing
* it is in the condition you have received it (no damages to the product or the box);
* it is a standard item, not custom made one;

When we do find a match for your boots, you agree to help us with the shipping of the box and its content to the new owner upon which we will:
* reimburse you for the shipping fee incurred while shipping to the new owner
* reimburse you the cost of your original order or
* replace your original order with a new ones of equivalent value.

Due to their nature, all custom orders (that is those made with specific measurements provided by you) of shoes, boots, gloves etc… are finals providing that:
* the product is the one you ordered,
* the sizes are matching those you provided us,
* the colour is the one you ordered,
* there are no major defects in the product.


Unforeseeable circumstances may require you to want to cancel an order.
Send us an email at support@imperialboots.com to make such request with the original order details email you have gotten. If your order has already been shipped and we have received the confirmation email from our transporter, we will not be able to cancel the order. However:

  1. If you order has not been put in production/shipping pipeline already, we will refund the order in full.
  2.  If your order has been put into production, we will cancel it and refund your order -20% production fees.
  3. If your order is already in the shipping pipeline but can be stopped before it ships out, we will cancel it and refund your order -35% restocking fees.


Packages can be returned to us undelivered for various reasons, however the most common are either a wrong address, inability to communicated with the recipient or customs not letting the package through.  When this happens we are charged a “RTS” shipping fees, entry taxes and restocking fees. These occurrences require us to understand the reasons behind the problem, we need time to work with the transporter and postal service to understand why a package was returned. This often requires us to wait for the package to get back here so we are able to have access to the written information.

  1.  If we made a mistake in the shipping address we will obviously cover all costs and the re-shipping of the package to the right address.
  2.  If the address provided was faulty or has changed after the package has been shipped, we will ask you to bare the costs involved. Similarly if the package was held by the postal service for several days/weeks and was left unclaimed by the recipient it will be sent back to us. In this case you will also be asked to cover the costs involved.
  3. If the package was turned back by the customs, which is uncontrollable, we will work out a new shipping plan with you.We ask your understanding and collaboration on covering reshipping fees. We may or may not be able to claim full or partial refund from the transporter.  In the case we are able to do so, it will be deducted from what needs to be paid for the re-shipping. When such problem occurs we will communicate with you and try to sort out a possible solution to get your package out of customs. Each country being different, the local requirements may greatly varies. This demands on-going communication between you and us. Based on such communication threads, we will establish due diligence on your parts.  If you fail to contact the customs in your country, or do not answer our emails regarding custom issues, and consequently the package is returned to us, you agree to cover the original shipping fees as well as a 35% restocking fees; we will then refund you the difference.


We have shipped hundreds of packages and we are happy to report a 98% delivery rate but in some unfortunate cases for reasons outside of our control a package may disappear. In the unlikely case that your package is lost we will work with the transporter to try to locate it. The process starts once the tracker shows “expired” or from45 working days from the shipping date if the package is a no show. The package is assumed officially lost after the tracker expires and you have logged a claim with us within 5 days of the expiration. We will then send you a replacement package free of charge.

It has happened in the past that packages found their way to the wrong address due to a system error or a clerical mistake. In this case we will work with the recipient to have the package sent to you at our cost.