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In the past you had to buy from too many prop makers scattered in the four corners of the world. This meant long wait time, multiple shipping costs, broken parts, missing orders, poor quality. Full sets help you save time, stress and money when buying from one trusted source of quality products. We have put together some amazing offers with the Guardian, Officer, Mud, Shore, Tanker, Killer, Classic Pilot, Blue Squad, Biker, Assault.

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0 Comments19,Apr,2019

It was intense and with immense joy that I've met with so many troopers, and kept hearing " I've got your boots"; it was not so much the fact that they had our gear that made my day but more hearing how comfortable and genuinely happy everyone seems...

0 Comments18,Jan,2019

One of -IB- 's main goal is to make it easy for troopers to get quality gear from one prop maker. We got burn ourselves when buying parts from too many places; this is why we started the sets. Obviously we are making them carefully to be the bes...

-IB- OTR: Oz Trip
0 Comments11,Oct,2018

-IB- On The Road Report Last Week-end of September -IB- flew to Sydney to meet with the Southern Cross Garrison and share a week-end of trooping with this awesome crew. Obviously we took that chance to do one of our "supply run" and brought over 3...

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