SHOP is OPEN - See you Dec.02

Last Wave for 2022 is on scroll down to see all our catalogue.

Production and Shipping starts after the Wave is over.

You will get an email with tracking info once it has shipped.

Where we do digital work, research, prototyping, photography, commission..


ALL CLEAR; access granted.
Lots of daily changes in that district - L2

Where we make the clothes , shoes, boots, gloves, accessories and prepack


SLOWER; access granted.
Some restrictsions in that area - L2

Access to transporter warehouse, international courier, local logistics


SLOWER: international shipping available
Lots of daily changes in that district - L2

Ready ? Get Set !


We've got you covered !

Hands up !

It's the little things...

With 5000+ troopers served around the world, we have developped a strong reputation for quality gear...

but we don't get cocky; we let you do the talking