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Deal of the Month ....

Every month I will choose 1 items from each of the shoes, gloves, clothes and accessories category and apply a significant discount.

Each month a different one so be sure not to miss it if you see it !


Keep an eye out for the “Pairing Deal” of some gear as they can save you extra and of course SETS also carry a nice discount !

They are back !

RFT comes with a major update on the shirt fabric and pattern;

The Snow dusters now have an option to choose your own length;

Dengar Jumpsuit comes in TAN colour with a new hood;

Greedo jumpsuit is quiletd with a Brown/orange vest matching the 4 pockets film version.

Customization Possible on some gear

The Royal Guard Robes, Tusken Robes and Snow duster now have an option for length sizing.


Biker Jumpsuit comes in two colours AND has an option for Leather Suede for Lancer level


The TSO suit will now be tailored made to ensure that trooper look their best.


DeathWatch vest will be made based on the length provided by the trooper for optimum visual accuracy.


We listen to Han ! We don't get cocky...

What Troopers

With over 4000+ troopers served around the world,  -IB- has developped a serious reputation for quality gear and for standing behind our costumes.