1. Due to their made-to-order nature, all sales are final; we do not accept returns. Please see exchange policy below.
  2. We are not responsible for customs and duty fees and/or delays.
  3. Order typically ship within 4 working weeks of the end of a wave, we cannot guarantee shipping dates.
  4. Shipping is done via private courier company to ensure faster and safer deliveries.
  5. We only ship to address you entered as billing address.
  6. You will be issued an email informing you that your tracking number is available online ( attached to your order). Once this email is sent your order will be marked as “completed”


Due to their nature  we do not provide refunds or exchange per se. When you purchase with us you agree that once shipped (that is your package has been handed over to our transporter) the sale is final providing that:
* the product is the one you ordered,
* the size is the one you ordered,
* the color is the one you ordered,
* there are no major defects.

If this is not the case we will work with you to find the most suitable solution. We ask you to verify your order and contact us within 7 days of receiving it ( as per the tracking delivery info) if any issue arise. Passed that point we cannot take responsibility for damaged products.


We take pride in providing quality products, however unlikely, it may happen (rarely) that a product shipped with a defect. In this case we will proceed with a standard exchange. We ask you to verify your order and contact us within 7 days of receiving it ( as per the tracking delivery info) if any issue arise. Passed that point we cannot take responsibility for damaged products.


Unforeseeable circumstances may require you to want to cancel an order. You can do so during the Wave period. Once the Wave is over your order is being produced or might have been shipped already. If it has been shipped (that is our transporter has notified us by email) we will not be able to cancel the order. If the order is being produced we will discuss with you the restocking fees applied based on the level of completion.


Commonly undelivered packages will be destroyed. The most common source of undeliverable packages is either a wrong address, inability to communicated with the recipient or customs not letting the package through.  When this happens we are charged extra fees from the courier company and the transporter. These occurrences require us to understand the reasons behind the problem, we need time to work with the transporter and postal service to understand why a package was “returned”-destroyed.

  1.  If we made a mistake in the shipping address we will obviously cover all costs and the re-shipping of the package to the right address.
  2.  If the address provided was faulty or has changed after the package has been shipped, we will ask you to bare the costs involved.
  3. If the package was held by the postal service for several days/weeks and was left unclaimed by the recipient it will be destroyed. In this case you will also be asked to cover the costs involved.
  4. If the package was turned back by the customs, which is uncontrollable, we will work out a new shipping plan with you.

When such problems occur we will communicate with you and try to sort out a possible solution to get your package. This demands on-going communication between you and us. Based on such communication threads, we will establish due diligence on your parts.  If you fail to contact us, the carrier or the customs in your country, or do not answer our emails regarding custom issues, and consequently the package is destroyed you agree to cover the cost incurred and/or agree to indemnify us toward the payment processing organism ( i.e. PayPal).


We have shipped hundreds of packages and we are happy to report a 99% delivery rate but in some unfortunate cases for reasons outside of our control a package may disappear. In the unlikely case that your package is lost we will work with the transporter to try to locate it. The process starts once the tracker shows “expired” or from 45 working days from the shipping date if the package is a no show. The package is assumed officially lost after the tracker expires and you have logged a claim with us within 5 days of the expiration. We will then send you a replacement package free of charge.

It has happened in the past that packages found their way to the wrong address due to a system error or a clerical mistake. In this case we will work with the recipient to have the package sent to you at our cost.


We are not responsible for package (and/or their content) being damaged and/or missing by the postal/courier services and/or 3d parties involved in the delivery and/or reception of the goods.

If you receive a damaged package you should make a claim immediately to the appropriate service in your area. If possible point it out to your delivery man and ask for the right procedure to follow.

We are not responsible/liable for out-of-our-control situations that may arise in the process of the purchase such as but not limited to loss of package and/or damaged goods and/or returned goods and/or delivery delays caused by war, global geo-politic changes, extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, sudden change of regulatory practices, general acts of gods, alien invasion, the destructive power of any fully operational battle station that may or may not be a moon…

We never stop making, during waves, off-waves, holidays, weekends… we make items. Some in batches to have some stock, others are made to order. This is one aspect of what we do.

The other important aspect is obviously getting the stuff to you. After you order is made, it comes to the studio where we do a last check and pack it for shipping. Larger orders are put into boxes whereas shoes , clothes and accessories will likely be packed in bubble mailer for protection and then put into a yellow DHL flyer bag-envelop. It helps us get your stuff faster to you, is more eco-friendly and in some cases will help the package go through customs more discreetly (less taxes).

Each week , we drop your packages to our transporter ( between 20-80 packages) who then process it through the various courier services. Our default setting is on DHL , however customers in Europe and Australia may see packages coming through TNT, Japan FEDEX and in case of more remote areas or POBOX EMS will be used.

Once the package is processed we get the tracking number and update our system which then sends you an email with the said number. We’ve had packages reaching their final destination within 3 working days, and others may have taken up to 15 working days but we’ve had 99% delivery success.

It is critical that you provide us with an actual phone number the courier company may reach you at. They will use it if you are not home or cannot deliver. If you cannot be reached and the delivery cannot occur, they will destroy the package which we are not be responsible for. A good tip is to track your package and contact your local DHL/TNT service to arrange delivery when it is convenient for you.

We’ve been in the community as active members for many years now…we’ve had our share of awesome and not so great experiences with prop makers around the world when building our own costumes. This is what inspired us to launch -IB- and what drives us everyday: being a trustworthy and reliable source of quality props.

Often we are asked where to buy helmets, armors, blasters and other such props we do not make. With so many established and new prop makers in the community it is hard for us to know everyone and it would not be fair either to recommend prop makers we have never dealt with ourselves.

With “PropMakers We Heart“; we looked at all the prop makers we bought from in the past. We chose those we felt had great products to offer, solid quality and have offered us a good service in general. Over several orders they were consistent in both the quality of the gears, the shipping and their communication flow.

Full Disclosure:
. We never bought under the -IB- name, but always as individual troopers.

. We do not make any money out of this.

. We have not bought from ALL existing prop makers, there are certainly many other great ones out there.

. This is based on our own personal experience over a decade of making costumes.
. The list will probably grow in the future.

RS Prop Master RS Prop Masters – UK
KW Design Imperial Surplus – USA
DarthHair DH-P/FX – USA
Jimiroquai Jim Tripon – PHILIPPINES
Intergalactic Supplies Intergalactic Supply – USA
Sanotized creation Sanotized Creations – GERMANY

Chris Stephens Chris Stephens Creations – UK
Ray Nogues Ray Nogues – SPAIN

Luke Dailey @JJindustriesUK -UK
Shaun Boer @therankbadger – AUSTRALIA
Darren Vaughan Imperial Trader Co. – AUSTRALIA

La Forge des Etoiles La forge / des étoiles – FRANCE

One of -IB- ‘s main goal is to make it easy for troopers to get quality gear from one prop maker. We got burn ourselves when buying parts from too many places; this is why we started the sets.

Obviously we are making them carefully to be the best possible but it would be a false assumption to think that the set would fit perfectly off-the-box; the same way you would not expect a wedding dress to be a perfect fit in the store.

There will be a minimum fitting necessary to give your clothes your preferred fit. The Royal Guard robes will need to be hemmed for the right length; You may decide to shortened the legs of the jumpsuits, the biker cummerbund and cod piece will need to be fitted to your actual upper body size…

Some weathering may also be required. In the case of the X-wing pilot jumpsuit, you’d probably want to machine wash it a few time and slightly distress the pocket with sand paper. The Mud trooper plash needs to be washed at least 4 times before being dyed. The Blue Squadron jumpsuit and gloves will need some weathering love too: tea bath, acrylic paint wash in black , some sand colour spray on parts of the sleeves and gloves, etc… to give it your unique look.

In short, we brought you to the finish line, but there is still need for a minimal effort to cross it.

Happy Trooping !

“L” nowadays really does not mean anything anymore; from country to country and brand to brand the “L” can be vastly different. L in the US is considered XL in Europe. While XL in Spain is often smaller than XL in Germany. Then of course you do have the “FIT” as regular or slim or skinny…Even Jeans sizes greatly vary from brand to brands, a Levi’s 36 is tighter than an old navy 36 in the same fit.

Costume clothing are a beast on their own and we greatly encourage anyone buying to first take measurements against the skin and not based choices on street brand sizes. The Size Tab outlines references measurements used in making the clothes; it helps finding out what to buy; however since everything is hand made there could be a variation +/- 2 cm in the final product.

If you are unsure or between sizes, just use the seasoned trooper old trick “1 size up” because it is always possible to size down but hardly add material to fit you.

Final word, unfortunately we are not able to make custom sizes for two reasons:
1. it takes more time to do which we currently do not have
2. measurements needs to be taken “professionally” or the clothes/shoes may not fit properly. It happened in the passed and despite our best efforts to correct it did not work out leading to a very dissatisfied client…this is the last thing we want.

20/20 - Stay Safe Troopers

#StayAlert #WashHands #BuildProps

One would call to rename 2021 into 2020 and just forget all about this year...or maybe through these weird times we get a chance of self reflection and societal introspection. It will get better and hopefully we will come out of it better people. It is tough on everyone, thanks to your support we have been able to keep operating and in the process support all the people (and their families) involved in making your gear.

Need support? Want to share your picture? - email vincent here
20/20 - Stay Safe Troopers


When you buy you agree

GENERAL Due to their made-to-order nature, all sales are final; we do not accept returns. Please see exchange policy below.We are not responsible for customs and duty fees and/or delays.Order typically ship within 4 working weeks of the end of a ...

Custom Sizing

We get asked frequently if we can tailor or custom make our clothing and shoes. Our short answer is "we cannot" - so here is why. One of the biggest challenge in tailoring anything is obviously having the right sizes taken. The few experiences w...

Zippers Hack

We use zippers when we have no other choices because zippers are famously unreliable. What is not unreliable is velcro; and nobody wants to have a wardrobe malfunction right before or during trooping ( hence velcro on the pants ) Sometimes we do ...



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  1. We are not responsible for customs and duty fees and/or delays.
  2. We cannot guarantee shipping dates; we do our best the ship most orders between waves.
  3. You will be issued an email informing you that your tracking number is available online ( attached to your order). Once this email is sent your order will be marked as “completed”.