let's SET it up. One order for all your costume's soft parts.

Shipping Via Courrier

we use private courier such as DHL, TNT, SF Express, FEDEX, EMS - you will always get a tracking number for your order. Make sure your shipping info AND phone number is always up to date. We are not responsible for import duties or delays.

Safe Payment Gateway

your private information are safe and you can rest assure your order will ship. Over the years we have accumulated both a great rating with PayPal and outstanding reputation with the community. Always email Vincent first for any assistance.

Community Standards Compliant

we make our gear by respecting the community standards in order to be CRL compliant. We do update our design with new relevant additions whenever possible. Pictures on the website may not always reflect the latest updates.

Solid Trooper Support

By email, via messenger, on Facebook or Wechat; Vincent is here to help. Blog for tips, FAQ page, convention meet-and-greet, we are trooper first and we know first hand how support is critical. We do our best to answer emails promptly.

We are currently closed, We will open again on August 6th.

This wave we put a limited amount of gear at deep discount – limited in size and quantities; get it until supplies last. 

Don't forget sets

We love what you do with our gear !!!

When you buy you agree

Because we produce "on order", our terms of sales are…

Custom Sizing

We do not do custom sizing, this is why...

Zippers Hack

Zippers can break , the slider, the break, the pull...…

S&H what to know.

Getting your tracking number is only a small part of…

PropMakers We Heart

Shipping is far more than the tracking number you receive…


When soft parts reach you; you may need a final…


The Store is now closed and we are busy producing and shipping.
The site is on catalogue mode; you can browse but cannot add to your shopping cart.

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We will do our very best to get your order out of the door as soon as possible.

  1. We are not responsible for customs and duty fees and/or delays.
  2. We cannot guarantee shipping dates; we do our best the ship most orders between waves.
  3. You will be issued an email informing you that your tracking number is available online ( attached to your order). Once this email is sent your order will be marked as “completed”.