1. Production /Shipping Time
We collect all the orders during a Wave, then we start the production. Being Artisans means that everything is made by hand; no large production chains, no major factories…We do our best to get everything shipped within 4 weeks but we cannot tell exactly when a particular order will be shipped.

2. Delivery time
Once a package is shipped and tracking number is issued; delivery is really out of our control. However we now have tested DHL express and feel this is the way to go as they deliver really fast as opposed to regular postal service. So it cuts down by at least half the time between you placing an order and receiving it.

3. Delivery Cost
We have struggled with that issue since we first started. We ship from far away; products that are bulky in nature and without volume discount. However we have reached an agreement with our transporter so that without increasing your cost we can offer DHL Express shipping…meaning it gets to you by courier safer and faster; effectively getting you a much better service for your $.

Like many others we totally fell for the Blue Squadron in R1. In a sea of orange, the blue just looked great. We started this project with the egoistic desire to wear the blue in a comic con; but as we were putting parts together we realize that it was a complex build (the jumpsuit alone is a nightmare of details) and a few close troopers asked us if they could get into the action… We launched the alpha group and developed the full set from scratch. Everything in the set has been made for this project; this is why the belt is actually made with the colored material and not a painted one.

Thanks to Singapore (Alex-Aaron) , Australia (Mack and Co) and the UK (Rob and RS Prop)  for following us in this crazy project.

You too can own the Blue Squad set by visiting HERE  ;