-IB- On The Road Report

Last Week-end of September -IB- flew to Sydney to meet with the Southern Cross Garrison and share a week-end of trooping with this awesome crew. Obviously we took that chance to do one of our “supply run” and brought over 30 KG of gear for the troopers; of course we cannot not mention that Mack is the first trooper to buy our new Mud Trooper set. Vincent took his recently approved death trooper for a fun filled trooping ( total scare count at 46 with 8 screamers).

Needless to say that this was a blast; such a warm welcome, a great trooping session, lots of laughters, great people…Thank you for this time spent together; looking forward for a future OTR trip and supply run !.

We’re always trying to improve how fast we are able to produce and send your orders. This time we decided to move our shipping studio to a bigger place; hopefully being able to move around more easily will improve our ability to send a few more packages each time. We’re still figuring out a few things but really looking forward to get fully functional…finger crossed