This is How it All started - "Just One" I said ....

Actively Trooping since 2011

The very first costume I worked on was a Tie Fighter 181st Imperial Pilot. I chose it because of the duality of that character, first an Imperial, then a Rebel. It resonated with me because of the complexity of the personality, the perfect representation of the choices to be made, the way life can take a different path. 

That was the first costume but also the very first prop I worked on for others. In the world today there are 20 aluminium type B chestbox that were made back in 2012; I had just taken my first step in a larger world. 

In 2015 I got together with other 501st members and we started the journey to making quality boots and gloves for costuming purposes. In 2016 we established -IB-‘s web presence and launched the first e-shop.

Overtime we used our expertise  to start making clothes and accessories with the goal to offer complete sets making it easier for any trooper, new or seasoned, to complete their costume with less headaches.


-IB- is a true passion project entirely headed by myself ( Vincent) working with talented artisans to bring our worldwide community visually accurate replica costumes, based on our strict costuming requirements so that members can complete their desired character’s costume and clear the costuming club registration process. 


I have a deep respect for the community; be it the 501st, the Rebel Legion or any other SWU costuming club.I know first hand how much work goes into making a costume and how important quality parts are during trooping. I also know how costly our passion can be but also how much impact troopers can have in bringing smiles to people.

That is why everything I develop has been tested in the field, has been crafted and evolved with community feedback, and has been approved by various judges and GML in several parts of the world.

I am a trooper first, I work to make gear that meet the requirements of the community; everything is hand made in the true artisan spirit.

I remain true to the original passion of prop makers: I do it out of love, not out of greed; what matters first is my fellow troopers.

I do my best to provide quality props and a solid service so that all troopers can rest easy and be guaranteed that they will receive what they ordered within a reasonable timeframe, at a reasonable cost.

I make sure the gear are not only visually accurate but can also endure trooping and offer a higher level of comfort.

Screen Accuracy (i.e. what can be seen on screen during a viewing) is an excellent gaol to aim at. From patterns to colours, found parts and materials... The tiniest details can elevate any costume to the highest level of screen accuracy.

One, especially on their early costume making, can easily get lost in the pursuit of this lofty goal. My advice to any novice; follow the CRL, get cleared, troop and then upgrade if you must.
Vincent Rondia
Head Honcho

We listen to Han ! We don't get cocky...

What Troopers

With over 4000+ troopers served around the world,  -IB- has developped a serious reputation for quality gear and for standing behind our costumes.