It was intense and with immense joy that I’ve met with so many troopers, and kept hearing ” I’ve got your boots”; it was not so much the fact that they had our gear that made my day but more hearing how comfortable and genuinely happy everyone seems to be with our products.

Many Blue Squadron out there as well and thank you all for the compliments but you guys are the Stars, you all looked great wearing the blue.

There were too many of you guys for me to identify but here are some of the many I’ve met in pictures. Thank you all again for your kindness.

One of -IB- ‘s main goal is to make it easy for troopers to get quality gear from one prop maker. We got burn ourselves when buying parts from too many places; this is why we started the sets.

Obviously we are making them carefully to be the best possible but it would be a false assumption to think that the set would fit perfectly off-the-box; the same way you would not expect a wedding dress to be a perfect fit in the store.

There will be a minimum fitting necessary to give your clothes your preferred fit. The Royal Guard robes will need to be hemmed for the right length; You may decide to shortened the legs of the jumpsuits, the biker cummerbund and cod piece will need to be fitted to your actual upper body size…

Some weathering may also be required. In the case of the X-wing pilot jumpsuit, you’d probably want to machine wash it a few time and slightly distress the pocket with sand paper. The Mud trooper plash needs to be washed at least 4 times before being dyed. The Blue Squadron jumpsuit and gloves will need some weathering love too: tea bath, acrylic paint wash in black , some sand colour spray on parts of the sleeves and gloves, etc… to give it your unique look.

In short, we brought you to the finish line, but you still need to cross it yourself.

As usual, Happy Trooping !

-IB- On The Road Report

Last Week-end of September -IB- flew to Sydney to meet with the Southern Cross Garrison and share a week-end of trooping with this awesome crew. Obviously we took that chance to do one of our “supply run” and brought over 30 KG of gear for the troopers; of course we cannot not mention that Mack is the first trooper to buy our new Mud Trooper set. Vincent took his recently approved death trooper for a fun filled trooping ( total scare count at 46 with 8 screamers).

Needless to say that this was a blast; such a warm welcome, a great trooping session, lots of laughters, great people…Thank you for this time spent together; looking forward for a future OTR trip and supply run !.

We’re always trying to improve how fast we are able to produce and send your orders. This time we decided to move our shipping studio to a bigger place; hopefully being able to move around more easily will improve our ability to send a few more packages each time. We’re still figuring out a few things but really looking forward to get fully functional…finger crossed



1. Production /Shipping Time
We collect all the orders during a Wave, then we start the production. Being Artisans means that everything is made by hand; no large production chains, no major factories…We do our best to get everything shipped within 4 weeks but we cannot tell exactly when a particular order will be shipped.

2. Delivery time
Once a package is shipped and tracking number is issued; delivery is really out of our control. However we now have tested DHL express and feel this is the way to go as they deliver really fast as opposed to regular postal service. So it cuts down by at least half the time between you placing an order and receiving it.

3. Delivery Cost
We have struggled with that issue since we first started. We ship from far away; products that are bulky in nature and without volume discount. However we have reached an agreement with our transporter so that without increasing your cost we can offer DHL Express shipping…meaning it gets to you by courier safer and faster; effectively getting you a much better service for your $.

Like many others we totally fell for the Blue Squadron in R1. In a sea of orange, the blue just looked great. We started this project with the egoistic desire to wear the blue in a comic con; but as we were putting parts together we realize that it was a complex build (the jumpsuit alone is a nightmare of details) and a few close troopers asked us if they could get into the action… We launched the alpha group and developed the full set from scratch. Everything in the set has been made for this project; this is why the belt is actually made with the colored material and not a painted one.

Thanks to Singapore (Alex-Aaron) , Australia (Mack and Co) and the UK (Rob and RS Prop)  for following us in this crazy project.

You too can own the Blue Squad set by visiting HERE  ; 

Shipping has been on our mind for over a year now. Everything we sell being hand made it takes time to produce and adding the delivery time makes it a “long wait”. Of course we are all used to wait list up to 6 months or more on hardware but we’re also thrilled when we know that things will get there “faster”. This is why we have been testing working closely with a new transporter and DHL express…turning a 4 to 5 weeks delivery wait time to at most 10 days ( and often 5 days). This means from the time you order to the time you get your stuff we can cut from 8 to 10 weeks down to 5-6 ( often faster ) which we think is quite a gain. Working with DHL express not only means faster delivery it also means more reliable tracking system and private courier service like sign on delivery. Best of all, we’ve managed to prevent any shipping cost increase; our price remains the same as when we ship through regular postal service.

However the downside of this lies with customs duties which are much more frequently levied at the entry port. When using regular postal services the chances to have to pay tax is lower in most countries. However postal service as a shipping method is not significantly cheaper simply because they are expensive at the point of origin, their tracking system is not the best as they often lack updates,  the delivery time is up to 35 working days and there is no guarantee that there won’t be any tax levied.


With the upcoming release of both BF2 and TLJ we are seeing an unprecedented amount of new key characters joining the 501st family. It is exciting for everyone and some troopers enthusiasm lead them to be early adopters, finishing builds before the official CRL is published. Some see it as a dynamic push to add diversity of characters, other as a risk for being non-compliant.

There is an expectation that we’d release new gears “promptly” after the release of a CRL and for us to do that with the limited time we have means starting very early. While CRLs are drafted, we start our own visual research and discussions. Some groups are more sharing than others, sometimes we are lucky to have incredible troopers sharing equally incredible information allowing us to feel strongly about the accuracy of what we do. Sometimes we must rely on the few official pictures available and use or experience making props to estimate what the design may be. As more details are made available and the CRL is getting adjusted, we also make our gears evolve to reflect a greater level of accuracy.

Obviously when a product reaches troopers before the official CRL is released there is a risk that a detail might be missing and consequently troopers could be denied approval. We can only guarantee product clearance after the official CRL is published. Even when we have a pre-release, we strongly encourage you to consider twice your purchase as we feel strongly about people spending money and not being able to get clearance (possibly because this has happened and probably will happen again to us with some armors).

You know we like to give things away, that is always been part of our DNA, true to the core of “troopers helping troopers”. So we decided that each order that has a “66” will be part of our now ongoing “Order 66” giveaway: lots of free goodies alongside your order.

Congrats Jason L. order IB6066  Jason is the first to get a full goody bag shipped with his order !

With the new site design we added more information about measures for clothing. Prior to the revamp some charts were provided alongside pictures, now we have a dedicated tab.

The sad truth is that “L” nowadays really does not mean anything anymore; from country to country and brand to brand the “L” can be vastly different. L in the US is considered XL in Europe. While XL in Spain is often smaller than XL in Germany. Then of course you do have the “FIT” bing regular or slim or skinny…Even Jeans sizes greatly vary from brand to brands, a Levi’s 36 fit tighter than an old navy 36 in the same fit.

Costume clothing are a beast on their own and we greatly encourage anyone buying to first take measurements against the skin and not based choices on street brand sizes. The Size Tab outlines references measurements used in making the clothes; it helps finding out what to buy; that being said there could be a variation +/- 1 cm in the final product.

If you are unsure or between sizes, just use the seasoned trooper old trick “1 size up” because it is always possible to size down but hardly add material to fit you.

Final word, unfortunately we are not able to make custom sizes for two reasons:
1. it takes more time to do which we currently do not have
2. measurements needs to be taken “professionally” or the clothes/shoes may not fit properly. It happened in the passed and despite our best efforts to correct it did not work out leading to a very dissatisfied client…this is the last thing we want.

Thanks for reading and Happy Trooping – The Team @ IB