It was intense and with immense joy that I've met with so many troopers, and kept hearing " I've got your boots"; it was not so much the fact that they had our gear that made my day but more hearing how comfortable and genuinely happy everyone seems to be with our products. Many Blue Squadron o...Read More


One of -IB- 's main goal is to make it easy for troopers to get quality gear from one prop maker. We got burn ourselves when buying parts from too many places; this is why we started the sets. Obviously we are making them carefully to be the best possible but it would be a false assumption to t...Read More

-IB- OTR: Oz Trip

-IB- On The Road Report Last Week-end of September -IB- flew to Sydney to meet with the Southern Cross Garrison and share a week-end of trooping with this awesome crew. Obviously we took that chance to do one of our "supply run" and brought over 30 KG of gear for the troopers; of course we cannot...Read More

We’ve Moved !

We're always trying to improve how fast we are able to produce and send your orders. This time we decided to move our shipping studio to a bigger place; hopefully being able to move around more easily will improve our ability to send a few more packages each time. We're still figuring out a few thin...Read More

Blue Squadron

Like many others we totally fell for the Blue Squadron in R1. In a sea of orange, the blue just looked great. We started this project with the egoistic desire to wear the blue in a comic con; but as we were putting parts together we realize that it was a complex build (the jumpsuit alone is a nightm...Read More

Important Change in Shipping

Shipping has been on our mind for over a year now. Everything we sell being hand made it takes time to produce and adding the delivery time makes it a "long wait". Of course we are all used to wait list up to 6 months or more on hardware but we're also thrilled when we know that things will get ther...Read More

Order 66 give away

You know we like to give things away, that is always been part of our DNA, true to the core of "troopers helping troopers". So we decided that each order that has a "66" will be part of our now ongoing "Order 66" giveaway: lots of free goodies alongside your order. Congrats Jason L. order IB6066 ...Read More

Measuring is Important!

With the new site design we added more information about measures for clothing. Prior to the revamp some charts were provided alongside pictures, now we have a dedicated tab. The sad truth is that "L" nowadays really does not mean anything anymore; from country to country and brand to brand the "...Read More