We’ve all been parts of “Run” whereby a minimum number of order had to be logged in for a prop maker to actually start making the proposed gear.

Our Wave functions differently as everything we offer on our catalogue is available for sale regardless of the quantity ordered. Unfortunately it also means we cannot have an unlimited amount of products and we have to make choices about what we have in store.

The classic run allows us to offer a limited production of some gear we like but cannot have permanently. The system is simple.
1. Fill in the form with info and size
2. Pay a deposit 50% of the asking price ( not including the shipping fees)
3. Once we have 7 confirmed orders, we make the requested gear and ship it. If after a reasonable time we do not reach 7 order, we simply refund the deposit.

We will switch products around and may not have any specific model for a while, so we recommend you to check it and take it when made available.

First Order / Hux Boots.

These boots are perfect for first order officer , general Hux, first order engineers and gunners. They are made in leather with the concealed side zipper and a visually accurate sole; a must have for your First Order costume.

Price : 219,90 US$ + Shipping (65US$) vial DHL
Deposit: 109.95 US$

Classic Run hux

  • EU39 / US7
  • EU40 / US7.5
  • EU41 / US8
  • EU42 / US9
  • EU43 / US10
  • EU44 / US10.5
  • EU45 / US11
  • EU46 / US12
  • EU47 / US12.5
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