Custom Sizing

We get asked frequently if we can tailor or custom make our clothing and shoes. Our short answer is “we cannot” – so here is why.

One of the biggest challenge in tailoring anything is obviously having the right sizes taken. The few experiences we had in the past for both shoes and clothes ended up with mixed results and unhappy troopers which is what we absolutely do not want. Often time the issue was with taking the measurements. Regardless, to deliver what we sold, we had to remake pieces several times and the sheer financial cost and time spent on each project made it difficult for us to consider the service further.

Making a tailored suit or boot takes significantly more time than a standard size as we need to adjust or remake our patterns accordingly and since these are one-off pieces, it means it cannot be scheduled as part of a batch; so cutting material may take longer as well.

In the case of shoes, we are limited by the selection of soles we can buy from suppliers. We cannot custom make soles – to do so would require us to order a minimum of 1000 pairs which in most cases we would not be able to sell and the making cost would then make our final product way too expensive. Unfortunately most sole suppliers end their size at 12.5/13 US ( 47/48 EU).

Regardless of the product; tailoring always ends up making anything way more expensive and takes much longer to complete. We, on the other hand, believe in getting your order done and shipped within a reasonable timeframe and keeping the product affordable.

Final thought: there are already a few well established and really reputable “tailors” in our community. They are your best choice if you can afford. If not; there is always the possibility to buy a size or two larger and have the clothing altered providing you have a access to a good seamstress.