With the current “ Dynamic Management of Epidemic” that is in place in our side of the world we have decided to -pause- making some items so that we can focus our resources on the core gear as per catalogue.

The DME means that at any given time a building, street, district or an entire city could be put into quarantine. This of course affects all our suppliers around the country; getting the raw material is much slower than before and shipping is also impacted.

We have the regular patterns to make all of the gear listed below. While they are not listed in our core catalogue, depending on the DME status, the ability to get the materials required on time, and that our production schedule permits it, we may be able to make an item for you.

Typically by the Wednesday of the Wave we have a pretty good idea to the workload necessary and whether or not we are able to slot more non-core items.
We will advertise to number of slots available on the Wednesday via FB – then we will take reservations on a first-pay first served basis.

Again, we hope in the future we will be able to put everything back into the catalogue but for the time being, this is the way we found to make sure everyone gets their gear properly.