One of -IB- ‘s main goal is to make it easy for troopers to get quality gear from one prop maker. We got burn ourselves when buying parts from too many places; this is why we started the sets.

Obviously we are making them carefully to be the best possible but it would be a false assumption to think that the set would fit perfectly off-the-box; the same way you would not expect a wedding dress to be a perfect fit in the store.

There will be a minimum fitting necessary to give your clothes your preferred fit. The Royal Guard robes will need to be hemmed for the right length; You may decide to shortened the legs of the jumpsuits, the biker cummerbund and cod piece will need to be fitted to your actual upper body size…

Some weathering may also be required. In the case of the X-wing pilot jumpsuit, you’d probably want to machine wash it a few time and slightly distress the pocket with sand paper. The Mud trooper plash needs to be washed at least 4 times before being dyed. The Blue Squadron jumpsuit and gloves will need some weathering love too: tea bath, acrylic paint wash in black , some sand colour spray on parts of the sleeves and gloves, etc… to give it your unique look.

In short, we brought you to the finish line, but there is still need for a minimal effort to cross it.

Happy Trooping !