Since day one -IB- has been following our belief in helping other troopers and the community at large which also means for us supporting charitable actions. For the last two years we have been donating to the Make-A-Wish fund every month. Some of you have been extremely generous donating while ordering, we matched each donations and added on top.

We realized that -IB- is now reaching troopers all over the world and we thought it would only be just to be able to support local 501st with their own charity projects. We have thus decided to launch our own initiative called Helping Hand.

Starting 2020, anytime disaster strikes anywhere in the world, local 501st will be able to seek our support in helping a local charities. The CO will simply contact us with the relevant information and we will donate a sum of money on behalf of the local 501st.

In order to fund Helping Hand, we will take some money from our monthly sales. We also put together the Pinkerial(c) Collection. While the products are not “regimental” they are imperial in concept and all the proceedings are used in the Helping Hand Initiative.