As artisan we care deeply about what we produce,
As 501st members we know how important visual details are,
As troopers we understand first hand how critical a comfortable costume is.

We like to think that -IB- is a catalyst for the 501st and the Star Wars costuming community to grow; providing quality gear from one trusted source where troopers can buy with the assurance they will receive visually accurate props at the best possible price.

When you buy from -IB- you will get quality, comfortable and screen accurate replicas that not only looks good but also feels right. Every items that we sell has been made by hand, in our workshop, ensuring the quality of the production in terms of size, shapes, colors and materials. 

-IB- started as ImperialBoots, a provider of comfy footwear for fellow troopers looking into building a stormtrooper and in need of the iconic white (tk) boots.

In 2015 we opened our website and since then we’ve constantly worked to refine processes, tools, partners with the sole intend to get more quality products sent to more fellow troopers and share our passion for well crafted costume parts.

After 3 years of relentless efforts to introduce new parts, and make the experience smoother for all, in 2018 ImperialBoots became -IB-  who has gained the trust of fellow 501st troopers and the costuming community in general.