Shipping has been on our mind for over a year now. Everything we sell being hand made it takes time to produce and adding the delivery time makes it a “long wait”. Of course we are all used to wait list up to 6 months or more on hardware but we’re also thrilled when we know that things will get there “faster”. This is why we have been testing working closely with a new transporter and DHL express…turning a 4 to 5 weeks delivery wait time to at most 10 days ( and often 5 days). This means from the time you order to the time you get your stuff we can cut from 8 to 10 weeks down to 5-6 ( often faster ) which we think is quite a gain. Working with DHL express not only means faster delivery it also means more reliable tracking system and private courier service like sign on delivery. Best of all, we’ve managed to prevent any shipping cost increase; our price remains the same as when we ship through regular postal service.

However the downside of this lies with customs duties which are much more frequently levied at the entry port. When using regular postal services the chances to have to pay tax is lower in most countries. However postal service as a shipping method is not significantly cheaper simply because they are expensive at the point of origin, their tracking system is not the best as they often lack updates,  the delivery time is up to 35 working days and there is no guarantee that there won’t be any tax levied.