“L” nowadays really does not mean anything anymore; from country to country and brand to brand the “L” can be vastly different. L in the US is considered XL in Europe. While XL in Spain is often smaller than XL in Germany. Then of course you do have the “FIT” as regular or slim or skinny…Even Jeans sizes greatly vary from brand to brands, a Levi’s 36 is tighter than an old navy 36 in the same fit.

Costume clothing are a beast on their own and we greatly encourage anyone buying to first take measurements against the skin and not based choices on street brand sizes. The Size Tab outlines references measurements used in making the clothes; it helps finding out what to buy; however since everything is hand made there could be a variation +/- 2 cm in the final product.

If you are unsure or between sizes, just use the seasoned trooper old trick “1 size up” because it is always possible to size down but hardly add material to fit you.

Final word, unfortunately we are not able to make custom sizes for two reasons:
1. it takes more time to do which we currently do not have
2. measurements needs to be taken “professionally” or the clothes/shoes may not fit properly. It happened in the passed and despite our best efforts to correct it did not work out leading to a very dissatisfied client…this is the last thing we want.