Chances are you’ve been talking to Vincent already: pre-sale questions, after sale support, meet-and-greet during Celebration and Comic-Cons check, check and check.

Vincent is -IB- swiss knife; when he is not in front of the computer answering emails, updating orders, maintaining FB or designing some goodies ( patches anyone) you may find him researching new costumes, traveling to meet suppliers, taking to show on the road to meet-up with troopers or dreaming new ways to give back to the community.

Having seen the OT in theaters on their release in Europe; one can say he is one of the first generation fan although you’ll hear him argue that “Star Wars is a universe filled with both great and less great things…but I love it all”.

So far Vincent has built over 40 costumes including one Darth Vader, many stormtroopers, quite a few Jedi, Tie Pilot of all sorts, gunners, officers, navy troopers, X-wing pilot, blue squadron, Tusken raiders, clones, tank troopers…even a xenomorph

His most prized costume is his Wookies ( currently working on his 4th one) and his Death Trooper (one of the only 33 approved in the world).