As the SWU grows with new releases, an unprecedented amount of new key characters joining the 501st family. It is exciting for everyone and some troopers enthusiasm lead them to be early adopters, finishing builds before the official CRL is published. Some see it as a dynamic push to add diversity of characters, other as a risk for being non-compliant.

There is an increased expectation that we’d release new gears “promptly”; in some case ahead of formal CRL. While CRLs are drafted, we start our own visual research and discussions. Some groups are more sharing than others, sometimes we are lucky to have incredible troopers sharing equally incredible information allowing us to feel strongly about the accuracy of what we do. In some cases, well, we are not at liberty to comment !

At the start of it all we must rely on the few official pictures available and use or experience making props to estimate what the design may be. As more details are made available and the CRL is getting adjusted, we also make our gears evolve to reflect a greater level of accuracy.

Obviously when a product reaches troopers before the official CRL is released there is a risk that a detail might be missing and consequently troopers could be denied approval. We can only guarantee product clearance after the official CRL is published.

Even when we have a pre-release, we strongly encourage you to consider twice your purchase as we feel strongly about people spending money and not being able to get clearance (It happened to us with some of our armor build in the past ).