Blue Squadron Pilot Set

Starting at 675 US$

The soft parts and accessories you need to build a great Rebel Legion level replica costume.

Costume: Blue Squadron Pilot
Era: New Era

blue, off-white arm racing strips, nylon
eggshell/off-white, nylon, attachement for the ejection strap Choose size M for jumpsuit S-M-L | Choose L for jumpsuit XL and above
white, stretch canvas
Jackboots -optional
black, leather, top adjustment
Ejection Strap
grey, elastane webbing - velcro attachement for the vest
1 × Squadron Ejection Strap cmpnt
grey, webbing,
1 × Squadron Belt cmpnt
Leg Strap
olive, cotton, pre-holed to secure leg flare
1 × Xwing Leg Strap cmpnt
Aluminium Parts
belt and leg flare
1 × Squadron Alu pack cmpnt
Helmet Liner - optional
brown leather donut


We aim at making your costume build as easy as possible, however do remember that may require some minimal fitting work for optimal look. Some weathering work maybe applied for advanced visual accuracy.We recommend wearing a compression suit under any costume to absorb perspiration which will extend the life of your gear.
For basic clothing care purposes Wash Less, Hand Wash, Wash Cold, Hang to Dry.
Leather can be buffed and occasionally treated with the appropriate nourishing cream.
When selecting the right size, make sure to take any measurement against the skin; do measure and in doubt size up; most clothing can be fitted if too large but not if too small.
When selecting you shoe size please base it on the size of your formal shoe wear (leather shoes) as it tends to be a tighter fit.
Your shoes may slightly expand over use; we do recommend that you size up on order and compensate with a gel sole and/or thick socks. In general keep your gear in a dry place.
We do not make tailored clothes at this time, standard size apply only. Gear may be subject to updates in design/fabric to meet with new/higher requirements. pictures for reference only