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XIBIT 02: Bust Display


A museum grade Bust display system that adapts to most armors and helmets with its adjustable stem. The sturdiness of the base and central stem will guarantee that your prize props will not fall. Includes a plaque for your customisation need. Mask or Helmet NOT included

Possible Character: Pilot / Gunner / Crew / Stormtrooper / Shoretrooper / GAV Commander / GAV driver / AtAct Driver / Officer / mudtrooper / ICAT Driver / Inferno squad / At-St Driver / Snow Commander / Deathtrooper / Shocktrooper / Clone trooper / Greedo / Dengar / Deathwatch / Snowspeeder Pilot / Hoth Rebel Command / Bluesqaudron / Xwing Pilot / Rebel Fleet Trooper / Y-wing Pilot / Imperial Guard / Biker Scout / TSO /
Timeline: Original Trilogy / New Era
Style: Display
Colour: Black
Material: Fiber Glass / Acrylic
Gen: V – last update July 2022
Heritage: N/A




This item: XIBIT 02: Bust Display $299.90 $299.90
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