Classic Pilot Flightsuit


Variant: OT
Fit: standard based on chart
Color: Black Fabric
These are artisan hand made products, DO check the sizing chart before ordering.
Picture for reference only 



The Classic Pilot Flightsuit has been reworked from ground up to be best matching with the latest references and meet the CRL criteria for approval. Made of black heavy duty cotton, it comes with the all the required pockets including the compad window outfitted with extra velcro on the sleeve to secure your device.

While the standard terms and condition of sales generally apply, -IB- reserves the right for any exchanges or returns at its complete discretion.

We do not make special sizes at this time.
Buyer assumes full responsibility for sizes submitted for order.

The items are purposefully aimed at having a snug fit to allow a proper fitting with the armor.
We suggest that you double check your size by taking the measurement against your body. The measurements shown on the charts are indicative only, due to the specifics of the making , their maybe up to 1.5 cm variation in the final product.   




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  • One piece black coverall/jumpsuit/flight suit with a front invisible zipper.
  • Approximately 1.5″ (38.1mm) tall mandarin collar with a chevron shaped, left-over-right velcro closure.
  • A silver or white Imperial Cog emblem, on a black background, is present on both shoulders.
    • The cog is 3″ or 3.5″ in diameter, and 1″ from the shoulder seam.
  • On the left forearm there is a compad pocket, approximately 5″ (127mm) wide by 5.75″ (146.05mm) tall, with no flap and a 2.25″ (57.15mm) window in it.
    • Size might vary to match specific compad.
  • On the left bicep, about 2″(50.8mm) below the cog emblem, there is a code cylinder pocket with no flap, and vertical stitching dividing it into pen sleeves.
  • The bottom front corner of the pocket is cut off at a bevel on the side pointing in view direction, with the broader upside forming the border of the pen sleeves.
  • The right sleeve has a cargo pocket, about 6″ (152mm) wide and 5.75″ (146mm) on the bicep, and approximately 2″(50.8mm) below the cog emblem.
    • The pocket has a 2″(50.8mm) flap.
  • (2) large chest pockets and (2) large front pockets below the belt, without any zipper or flaps.
  • (2) leg pockets with flaps, similar in proportion as the right arm sleeve pocket.
    • Size may differ – (Usually the width of the front pockets equals the width of the leg pockets).
  • There are no rank bars of any kind on the uniform.
  • There are no leg pockets below the knees.

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