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Variant: ESB
Fit: true-to-size / standard width
Color: Black
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A great Dark Lord costume requires only but the best accessory and the gloves is possibly one of the most important part, after all it is the fist that will be shown on all pictures ! Highly detailed oriented, the Dark Lord meet the strictest requirements to be the most accurate gloves currently available. Made of leather, they are extremely durable and will remaining comfortable throughout lengthy trooping sessions.

Gloves comes in 3 sizes M/L/XL, we do not make special sizes at this time.
We make gloves that might feel tight for some but doing so increase visual accuracy, leather will slightly loosen up overtime. In order to get the closer size possible, with a tape measurer, get the size in CM around the hand at the base of fingers and knuckles (the widest part of the hand). If you are between sizes we would recommend a size up.
M:   21 cm
L:    22 cm
XL:  23 cm

Buyer assumes full responsibility for sizes submitted for order.

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  1. Lillian

    Je viens de recevoir les gants ce matin. Tu as fait un travail fantastique, ils sont vraiment magnifiques!!! Merci beaucoup!

    Encore merci

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  • The gloves are black leather (or leather-like material) and mid-forearm length.
  • The upper surface is quilted in lines spaced approximately one inch apart which run parallel to the arm and start just behind the knuckles.
  • The palm side has no quilted lines.
  • The gloves should be made of leather (more specifically, it should match the leather of the body suit).
  • The gloves should flare out at the end opening on the outside (little finger side), but not on the inside (thumb side).
  • There should be six rectangular sections created by the quilted lines on the upper surface; they are not of uniform width (the outer sections are smaller than the middle sections).
  • The quilted lines should be very finely stitched, and the upper surface should be padded minimally.
  • The quilted lines in the flared section are stitched as a “V” turning the sixth (outermost) section into a “Y”.
  • The stitching on the gloves, with the exception of the quilted lines, should be external.
  • The top and bottom of the glove in the flared section should not be directly sewn together; an intermediate triangular section should adjoin them starting at the wrist bone. It should be approximately two inches in width at the end opening of the glove.
  • The finger portion (not including the thumb) of the glove should be constructed in a typical glove fashion and contain three fourchettes-one between each set of fingers.

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