FETT Glove


Variant: ROTJ
Nylon / Cotton
Fit: true-to-size / standard width
Color: Grey/White
Picture for reference only 

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The Fett gloves are lightweight highly flexible gloves that meet all the trooping requirement. made is soft cotton with padded nylon finger detailing. The stitching follows the reference material to ensure visual accuracy.

Gloves comes in 3 sizes M/L/XL, we do not make special sizes at this time.
We make gloves that might feel tight for some but doing so increase visual accuracy, leather will slightly loosen up overtime. In order to get the closer size possible, with a tape measurer, get the size in CM around the hand at the base of fingers and knuckles (the widest part of the hand). If you are between sizes we would recommend a size up.
M:   21 cm
L:    22 cm
XL:  23 cm

Buyer assumes full responsibility for sizes submitted for order.


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Compliant L2

  • Light grey gloves with white quilted patches on the fingers and back of hands which match visual reference.
  • Padding on the back of the right glove is longer than the left.
  • White Military Dress Gloves (or replicas) with the button on the inner wrist are used and dyed light gray.
  • Padding on gloves is made from the shiny side of the same tackle twill material used on the vest and sewn onto the gloves.

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