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Guard Set

starting at 620 US$

Possible Character:  ROTJ Royal Guard
Timeline: OT

I imagined the set as a way to gather most ( if not all) soft parts you would need to complete a full costume and reduce stress.
When getting all parts from the same trusted place you avoid multiple packages, multiple shipping costs, multiple shipping delays.
Since some parts may be shared between costumes ( boots, gloves…) they are optional; do check you already have the correct ones !

Remember for best visual impact, weathering is welcome and very likely required. You may also decide to do some minoradjustment/fitting.

For more information about selecting your size please take the time to read HERE
All our sizes are listed above, standard sizes available only.
Some weathering work maybe applied/required for visual accuracy.
pictures for reference only, may be subject to updates in design/material to meet with new/higher requirements.


1 × Imperial Hat
Tactical Padding
1 × Tactical Padding
1 × Balaclava - Red
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