Guardian Robes


Variant: ROTJ
Material: velveteen / velvet
Fit: standard based on chart
Color: Burgundy / Red
These are artisan hand made products, DO check the sizing chart before ordering.
Picture for reference only 

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The inner robe is made of 100% Burgundy velveteen for both the robe and the sash/belt which closes in the back with a industrial clip. The outer robe is a bright red velvet doubled with the same Burgundy velveteen as liner and opens one one side as per ROTJ reference. The outer robe is designed to keep an appropriate draped look regardless of circumstances, providing a stunning and matched look. The gloves and boots made of suede are the very same we well individually. The final detailing comes with the leather red neck seal and the lightweight balaclava to add trooping comfort.The robes are extra long and will allow you to adjust length as required.

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We do not make special sizes at this time.
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Please use the robe chart below. The robes are extra long and will allow you to adjust length as required.





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Outer Robes

  • The outer robe is constructed of crimson red velvet or velveteen. Velour, crushed or panne velvet are not acceptable.
  • The robe is lined with burgundy or wine colour velvet or velveteen.
  • When closed, the outer robe covers the entire front and back of the wearer.
  • There is a single arm opening in the front on the righthand side of the wearer.
  • The front of the robe overlaps the back at the arm slit obscuring the opening.
  • The outer cloak must hemmed to a length that is no more than 1 inch (2.54 cm) off the ground. This hem will be the same length at all points around the cloak.
  • It needs to have pleats at each shoulder of the outer robe create a draping of large vertical folds over the chest.
  • Shoulder pads may be used to simulate for the armored-look.

Inner Robes

  • Burgundy or wine coloured velvet cloth thawb, hemmed slightly shorter than the outer cloak. The hem should be no more than 3 inches off the ground.

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