FORCE FALL: Imperial Officer Set

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Variant: OT/EU/SOLO
The Officer set is every soft parts you need to make an Imperial Staff Officer; it comprises of the hat, top, trousers, boots, belt and buckle . Add your favorite props and you are ready to troop. The set meets ( and exceeds) the requirements for visual accuracy. These are artisan hand made products, DO check the sizing chart before ordering.

Buying this set saves you big over the purchase and shipping of individual items.
Please be advised that due to their nature, sets usually ship towards the end of the period between waves.
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Officer Jacket


Officer Trousers




Imperial Hat


Classic Belt

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The Officer Jacket has been designed to meet the requirements of the community in terms of visual accuracy, fabric, color but also in terms of comfort and ease of wear.

Our Jodhpurs for the officers are designed to be an with an easy-in and out system. We kept the detail of the lacing system for purists while replacing the full length lacing with a tapered sewed pants with easy slip on.  We use a mid-weight cotton for visual accuracy while keeping wearing comfort in mind. They are versatile and roomy enough so they can be used in warm and cold weather (with basic under layer).The fly and closing system also uses velcro giving the ability to fit tighter or looser at the belt. The back is equipped with an elastic to allow for slight changes in weight/body.

These ridding boots are made to be both functional and comfortable when used for trooping purposes. The accuracy of the look is uncontested meeting all the criteria for Level 1 certification. We purposefully decided to add a concealed zipper as it ads ease of use when putting them on and taking them off. These boots will be the best addition to your officer costume and will complement perfectly the needed ceremonious look.

The Officer ridding boots come with a flat anti-slip black rubber sole. To support the long trooping hours we have added our comfort+(c) inner sole with padded heel.

The Imperial hat is also a perfect companion to any imperial costume, the hat is a great must have when you want to remove your helmet but stay in armor.

Classic Belt  is hand made from in 100% split leather, this belt is wide and comes with our stainless steel buckle complete with removable imperial greeblies. It is black, thick and will complete your costume appropriately giving it the extra detailing required. It comes in one size that you will adjust as you need. We have left the perforation of the hole for you to choose between one and three depending on the character/accuracy level you desire to reach (the hole puncher is provided).

While the standard terms and condition of sales generally apply, ImperialBoots reserves the right for any exchanges or returns at its complete discretion.

Included: Officer Jacket+ Officer Pants+ Classic Belt + Officer Boot +  Officer Hat + Exclusive patch

We do not make special/ custom sizes at this time. 

All our products are made by hand. Because of the making process you should expect within 3% tolerance in the size charts provided. Please read our sizing info for pro trooper tips.

Long trooping days standing means your feet will swell a bit; choosing a size higher and compensate with gel sole giving extra breathing rooms will go a long way to increase your comfort while in costume.

As artisan prop makers all our products are made by hand. Because of the making process you should expect within 3% tolerance in the size charts provided. Due to time constraints we currently cannot take on tailor made/custom sizes projects and only offer the sizes listed above.

Trooper Sizing Tip
1. Take measurements sitting down, legs at 90 degrees, bare foot flat on the floor.
2. Long trooping hours mean you feet swell; for maximum comfort choose to size up and compensate the extra room with a gel sole if needed.

1. Take your measurements standing up against bare skin.
2. Ask someone else to take your measurement for best results.
3. When in between size choose the closest one ( ie. 114 = 112 / 115=117)
4. Choose actual size to have a snug fit; size up for looser feel

1. When trooping hands are critical, gloves too big will reduce your grabbing ability. Tighter gloves will help with clumsiness.

Buyer assumes full responsibility for sizes submitted for order.
Picture for reference only

As troopers ourselves everything we do is based on the relevant CRL from the 501st and the Rebel Legion. We make sure that each product is as visually close to multiple reference materials so that it meets and often exceeds the basic requirements. We constantly look for new informations and whenever possible we will apply small modifications to our products to make them ever closer to the real deal. These change may happen at any time under our own discretion.

When you receive your package, every item is new and may require some fitting and/or weathering to be fully complaint.

We know you are eager to get your hands on your new gear but some patience will still be required. We have limited stock and most products are actually made on order thus we simply cannot ship same day. We do our utmost to get all the orders shipped between Waves but we cannot give a specific shipping date on any particular orders. On average all orders clear within 4 weeks of the order date.

We ship exclusively with courier company, mostly DHL and EMS. We are not responsible for customs delays and/or custom fees. We understand they can be tough pill to swallow in some countries; while we are obliged to declare a value we make sure it is a sensible one.

Due to their made-to-order nature, all sales are final; we do not accept returns. Please read carefully the Terms Of Sales you agree to when purchasing with us. If you encounter a problem with your order, please email us immediately (within 7 days of receiving the package) with pictures for us to review the issue and find an appropriate solution.

Due to their nature we do not provide refunds or exchange per se. When you purchase with us you agree that once shipped (that is your package has been handed over to our transporter) the sale is final providing that:
* the product is the one you ordered,
* the size is the one you ordered,
* the color is the one you ordered,
* there are no major defects.

If this is not the case we will work with you to find the most suitable solution. We ask you to verify your order and contact us within 7 days of receiving it ( as per the tracking delivery info) if any issue arise. Passed that point we cannot take responsibility for damaged products.


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