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New Era Bib


The New Era neckseal, complete with gasket neck and back zipper.

Possible Character: Stormtrooper / Shoretrooper / GAV Commander / GAV driver / AtAct Driver / Mudtrooper / ICAT Driver /…
Timeline: New Era
Style: Neckseal
Colour: Black
Material: GAFA proprietary Gasket Fabric / ribbed Elastane proprietary
Size: One size fits most
Gen: V – last update July 2022
Heritage: Screen Reference


All available sizes are listed above, we only provide standard sizing unless otherwise described.
Remember for best visual impact, weathering is welcome and maybe required.
You may also decide to do some minor adjustments/fitting for extra comfort.
Pictures for reference only, may be subject to updates.


This item: New Era Bib $49.90 $49.90
1 × EZ Strap $28.41