Variant: TFA/TLJ/R1
Leather + Industrial Leather Lining
Fit: true-to-size
Sole: flat rubber Anti-slip
Color: white
Inner sole: padded comfort+
Picture for reference only 

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The trooper7 is the leading replica shoe for the FOTK trooper and provides the most visually accurate and stunning addition to your costume. Made of white leather with the correct concealed zipper it is easy to put on. The narrower top allows for a proper fitting of the shinguard and the inner comfort + sole allows you to remain comfy during long trooping hours.

Selecting your size
When choosing the size you want we recommend you to choose a size higher; you will be able to compensate the extra room with a gel sole if needed. Long trooping days standing means your feet will swell a bit; giving extra breathing rooms will go a long way to increase your comfort while in costume. Do keep in mind to use your dress shoe size as a reference.

While the standard terms and condition of sales generally apply, -IB- reserves the right for any exchanges or returns at its complete discretion.

This boot is true-to-fit which means your regular size shoe should be appropriate to order these shoes.
Please remember these are not work boots nor dress shoes, vans sizes are better references. We do not make special sizes at this time. Buyer assumes full responsibility for sizes submitted for order.


11 reviews for T7

  1. Shana

    They are beautiful and they fit wonderfully! Thank you

  2. X

    Boots and gloves arrived this morning! This is the earliest I’ve ever seen my postman!

  3. Daniel

    Also Received both my boots orders, Trooper 7 boots and Pilot Boots. Good quality

  4. Brian

    Just letting you know my order finally arrived safely. Both the boots and gloves are fantastic, awesome quality. And they fit perfectly. Thank you so much!

  5. Greg

    Amazing work!! Love my new boots and gloves!! Thanks! Can’t wait to finish my suit!

  6. Andrew

    I just received mine today, boots and gloves look fantastic! Thanks so much.

  7. Patrick D.

    Thank you sir!
    These are perfect, High Quality and smell so good. I wish you all the best!

  8. John

    I got my boots and gloves today. OMG! They’re amazing! Thank you. 🙂

  9. Albert

    Boots and Gloves arrived today!!! They look and feel amazing!!!

  10. Josh

    My boots and gloves arrived today. The tracking number never worked but they arrived to me before the big date so I’m thrilled! The leather on the boots is very soft, it feels very nice! There is no problem with the top of the boot fitting inside the calf. Very happy with these.
    Gloves are very nice as well, even have the Velcro sewed onto them for the hand plates, so that’s a bonus!
    I’ll definitely be buying from Imperial Boots again. And thanks for the patch!


  11. Angela

    I got my boots and gloves today. OMG! One word … awesome, Many thanks.

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  • The boots are above ankle height and made of white leather or leather-like material.
  • There is a seam down both sides of the front that swoops out to the side of the foot.
  • There is a vertical zipper on the inside that spans the height of the boot.
  • There is a black flat sole with no heel.
  • No buckles or laces.

As we do this after-hours; we’ll get your order sorted as fast as we can; we appreciate your patience. We ship on a First-Order-First-Shipped basis; this not only applies to the general order list but also through the different sizes. 
As soon as we have it, your order will be updated with a tracking number and you will get an email. You can then login your account and view your order history to locate your tracking number and/or use the tracking button.
If you selected National Postal service we will be shipping through air registered with a 98% delivery rate but the actual period to get the goods can go beyond 40 working days once our transporter issues the tracking code.

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