PropMakers We Heart

We’ve been in the community as active members for many years now…we’ve had our share of awesome and not so great experiences with prop makers around the world when building our own costumes. This is what inspired us to launch -IB- and what drives us everyday: being a trustworthy and reliable source of quality props.

Often we are asked where to buy helmets, armors, blasters and other such props we do not make. With so many established and new prop makers in the community it is hard for us to know everyone and it would not be fair either to recommend prop makers we have never dealt with ourselves.

With “PropMakers We Heart“; we looked at all the prop makers we bought from in the past. We chose those we felt had great products to offer, solid quality and have offered us a good service in general. Over several orders they were consistent in both the quality of the gears, the shipping and their communication flow.

Full Disclosure:
. We never bought under the -IB- name, but always as individual troopers.

. We do not make any money out of this.

. We have not bought from ALL existing prop makers, there are certainly many other great ones out there.

. This is based on our own personal experience over a decade of making costumes.
. The list will probably grow in the future.

RS Prop Master RS Prop Masters – UK
KW Design Imperial Surplus – USA
DarthHair DH-P/FX – USA
Jimiroquai Jim Tripon – PHILIPPINES
Intergalactic Supplies Intergalactic Supply – USA
Sanotized creation Sanotized Creations – GERMANY

Chris Stephens Chris Stephens Creations – UK
Ray Nogues Ray Nogues – SPAIN

Luke Dailey @JJindustriesUK -UK
Shaun Boer @therankbadger – AUSTRALIA
Darren Vaughan Imperial Trader Co. – AUSTRALIA

La Forge des Etoiles La forge / des étoiles – FRANCE