We never stop making, during waves, off-waves, holidays, weekends… we make items. Some in batches to have some stock, others are made to order. This is one aspect of what we do.

The other important aspect is obviously getting the stuff to you. After you order is made, it comes to the studio where we do a last check and pack it for shipping. Larger orders are put into boxes whereas shoes , clothes and accessories will likely be packed in bubble mailer for protection and then put into a yellow DHL flyer bag-envelop. It helps us get your stuff faster to you, is more eco-friendly and in some cases will help the package go through customs more discreetly (less taxes).

Each week , we drop your packages to our transporter ( between 20-80 packages) who then process it through the various courier services. Our default setting is on DHL , however customers in Europe and Australia may see packages coming through TNT, Japan FEDEX and in case of more remote areas or POBOX EMS will be used.

Once the package is processed we get the tracking number and update our system which then sends you an email with the said number. We’ve had packages reaching their final destination within 3 working days, and others may have taken up to 15 working days but we’ve had 99% delivery success.

It is critical that you provide us with an actual phone number the courier company may reach you at. They will use it if you are not home or cannot deliver. If you cannot be reached and the delivery cannot occur, they will destroy the package which we are not be responsible for. A good tip is to track your package and contact your local DHL/TNT service to arrange delivery when it is convenient for you.