Choosing your gear can be stressful especially when dealing with sizes.

We have put together this quick guide hoping it will help alleviate some of the worries you may have. It is based on the most frequently asked questions we’ve had and also a long decade of trooping experiences. The most important thing to remember is that whatever you may be wearing it is NOT a daily wear and should not be thought of it this way. You will be wearing for a day at most; your body may change between trooping session; even during a trooping event (especially after meal) and you must account for the armor you will be adding on top. 

Choosing the right size

It is important to triple check your size before ordering. Unfortunately standards have long been thrown out the window and XL pretty much means nothing at this point. Buying XL in the US means buying L in most of northern Europe; and can mean up to 4XL in Asia. If you hesitate between two sizes, our rule of thumb is that while both may very well fit, the smaller one will be “fitted” ( tighter) while the bigger one will be baggier – choose the one you will mostly feel comfortable in. For most costume, you can always have them perfectly fitted if they are too big.


Similarly when choosing shoes do keep in mind that the same shoe size highly differ in fitting between a sport shoe, a casual shoe and a dress shoe which are frequently tighter/narrower. Our footwear can “feel” narrower than what you are used to. Leather will stretch however we always recommend to take a size higher and compensate with gel sole if need be – it will add to general comfort during long trooping hours. 

Gloves are made of leather, they will soften and stretch with use. A tighter glove may be more comfortable as it allows better grip. 

Trooping & Maintenance tips

Seasoned trooper will agree that being in costume is vastly different than spending your day in your “civies” – In general we are no longer used to spend hours standing up/walking. The weight of the armor/helmet will impact posture and increase sweating due to lack of breathability. Trooping can be brutal. 

We recommend the use of a compression suit and thick flight socks under any costume you may be wearing. It will absorb the sweat and reduce the need of washing your clothes. More importantly, it will support muscle work and blood flow.

We generally recommend hand wash and line dry for our clothing. Steam iron if you must. Our clothes are not pre-washed and could potentially shrunk a bit of using a washing machine and especially a dryer. 

Footwear and leather gloves can be polished with regular shoe polish or other wax. Too much humidity can result in mouldy deposit- these can be removed with a cloth and then treated with polishing agent. 

Store your gear in a dry place; keep clothes on a hanger.  

Do remember these are SPANDEX based suit which means it will stretch AND it is meant to “press” on the body. 

As stated above we do recommend sizing up and compensating with a gel sole if needed. 

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This covers the info you would need when making a decision on your set size